Sensus beta #3

Art Souterrain & Nuit Blanche
Montreal Eaton Center
Zone 13 – March 2 to 17, 2013

Sensus beta #3
An interactive, participatory and evolving work, that is continuously changed by the public’s intervention.

As part of the Montréal All-Nighter (Nuit blanche), Art Souterrain presents a unique new perspective on Montréal’s Underground Pedestrian Network. Hundreds of renowned contemporary artists present photos, videos, installations and artistic performances throughout the 6 km passageway between Place des Arts and Complexe Les Ailes. Art Souterrain’s goal is to change perceptions of the general public vis-à-vis the new contemporary art practices and to unite the visual arts milieu by identifying and bringing together its principal figures.

Sensus Beta #3 -2