CLEA Terres de France 2014 – 2015

For the second year, Klaus Fruchtnis has been awarded the “Résidence-Mission CLEA (Contrat Local d’Éducation Artistique) – Terres de France” grant. Klaus will be developing a cultural & education policy and practice program within the Seine-Saint-Denis department from December 2014 through May 2015, in collaboration with the Théâtre Louis Aragon.

Klaus’ vision of new media fosters more than the artistic aspect; it involves shared projects and initiatives with multicultural partners, new approaches to education and the development of digital literacies. As a committed artist to social and urban development projects, his work has been selected to share effective and innovative teaching techniques and pedagogical methods.

The department of Seine-Saint-Denis is located to the northeast of Paris. It has a surface area of only 236 km², making it one of the smallest departments in France.

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