Park in Progress Re-Gen Sites, Huesca, Spain

“Funambulism: a mind attempting balance” is a collaborative proposal that celebrates and confronts movement in public space. The performance engages with the complexities of unusual urban spaces and movement formed by constant surface transformation.

With this performance, and as part of the theme “fake” for the Periferias Festival, the performance engages in feigning, simulation, or other deceptive activities. The performance puts the body in extreme situations, played with duration, involved engineering and the laws of physics, and represented pure movement in the urban space. The performance demands several modes of perception, which alters the public’s perception with the use of new technologies; the modes of production will be also altered allowing the dancer to explore other aspects of movement vocabulary, a mix of improvisational and set structures.

Artistic direction: Klaus Fruchtnis
Performers: Antonella D’Ascensi, Audrey Louwet, Alluana Ribeiro and Tom Proneur
Scenography: Pía Alejandra Gálvez
Music: Tasos Tafarel Stamou

More information: Park in Progress HuescaFestival Periferias