Correspondances numériques

Digital Correspondences is a privileged partnership over the cultural season of La Criée, a contemporary art centre in Brittany, France, which involves working with the local community to experience contemporary art through new media.

A digital laboratory that encourages young people and adults to meet and  to  exchange this around the cultural about contemporary art. Through several new media tools the participants will explore the cultural and artistic development of the local territory. These include an online interface to exchange, workshops, discussions and a streaming educational channel with new media content. The main idea of this project is to create an open laboratory where anyone can join and participate, where the content and all the programs used to develop the online interface are open source.

Digital Correspondances

Correspondances numériques (Digital correspondences)
Streaming new media channel
Art residency program: Territory in creation, La Criée – Centre d’Art Contemporain, Rennes, France
2012 – 2013

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