Thing-a-day #3

Online project: Thing-a-day

After an interesting collaboration in Thing-a-day 2008 & Thing-a-day 2009, with my friend and artist Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, we are back for Thing-a-day 2010.For this edition we’ll collaborate collecting images based on the same words.

collection / kəˈlɛkʃən / noun
1. the act or process of collecting
2. a number of things collected or assembled together

Week 1: Light

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Day 6

Week 2 & 3: Picture inside a picture inside a …

Today we started a new series. I printed out Cynthia’s previous image (on the left) and take a photo of the urban landscape with this photo in the frame (on the right). She will respond to that printing this composition and inserting into a new one, etc…

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Week 4: Empty space

For our last week Cynthia and I will continue to react to each others’ images with an image, but this time with a focus on people in urban space. Cynthia started with this photo (on the left).
I picked one element of her photograph to take mine (on the right). I also took this other photograph (second on the left) to guide Cynthia’s next photograph (second on the right)… and so on…

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