From one world to another

Meeting with a scientist, Christophe Morin from the CRRET laboratory, about “cell tissue, repair and regeneration” and “the pixel” as part of digital language development.

Art & Science residency program “From one world to another”, with the French National Center for Scientific Research, Créteil, France.


D'un monde à l'autre


From one world to another
(700 mirrors, three video projectors and three computers – Programming: C++, Cinder)
Collaboration with Nicolas Enjalbert (technical conception and development) & David Uclés (music)

(plexiglass and wood)

Project exhibited at CSC Madeleine Rebérioux, in collaboration with the French National Center of Scientific research and Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University, Créteil, France.
October 2013